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Site Council

What is Schoolsite Council?

The Schoolsite Council is a crucial component of our school’s governance structure. Established in line with California state law, the council is a collective body that represents parents, students, community members, and school staff in the school governance process. 

The main goal of the Schoolsite Council is to provide a space where the school community can work together to improve the educational experiences and outcomes for our students. To this end, the council has a variety of important responsibilities, including:

1. Developing and Approving the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA): This is a comprehensive plan designed to improve the quality of education at our school. The SPSA outlines the school's educational goals, the strategies to achieve these goals, and the resources required.

2. Overseeing and Reviewing the Budget: The council reviews and approves the proposed expenditure of funds allocated to the school through categorical programs.

3. Periodic Review and Modification of the SPSA: The council regularly revisits the SPSA to ensure it is aligned with the needs of the school and students. It makes modifications as necessary and monitors the implementation of the plan.

4. Annual Evaluation: At the end of each school year, the council evaluates the effectiveness of the implemented improvement strategies based on the academic performance of students.

The Schoolsite Council is composed of the school principal and representatives from teachers, other school staff, parents, and students. This composition ensures diverse perspectives are represented and enables collaborative decision-making.

We at Alhambra High School are proud of our Schoolsite Council and its contributions to our school community. We value the collaborative spirit and dedication to our students' success that it embodies. If you're interested in getting involved with the Schoolsite Council, please contact us for more information.