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Community Service

Community Service

All Alhambra students must complete 15 hours of community service (3 hours on campus, 12 hours off campus) between the spring semester Junior year and the end of Fall semester senior year.

For the graduating class of 2023, students are able to complete their 15 hours using any combination of on or off-campus hours. Class of 2024 and later will be required to complete at least 3 of the 15 hours on-campus.

 For each volunteer event you participate in, get your community service forms signed. The due date for submitting on campus hours is the Monday we return from Thanksgiving Break, the off campus will be due the week before finals on the date your teacher assigns.

Anything not listed, or is somehow outside the typical parameters here, must be preapproved by Ms. Fennell or students’ Civics/Econ/AP Gov/APUSH/History teacher.

Volunteer Opportunities- Off Campus

Not sure what you want to do for your community service? Try Volunteer Match to learn about a variety of opportunities.


Volunteer Opportunities- On Campus

  • Join Green Team     Contact Mr. Bonderud