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Student Parking Permit Application



Students and Families,

Please complete this application before August 7th. Students, you may scan and upload your license and insurance. All documents will be verified at the time of payment. Cash or checks made payable to Martinez Unified School District are the only accepted forms of payment. We canNOT accept credit cards for this item.

Parking Permit sales will take place in the Main Office on MondayAugust 7th from 11am to 3 pm in the following order:

  1. 11a-12p seniors and juniors who have purchased an ASB card
  2. 12p-1p all other seniors
  3. 1p-3p all other licensed drivers in the Main Office

Students MUST show their class schedule, signed parking application form, proof of insurance; and driver’s license (if parents are purchasing the permit, please have a copy of the student's driver’s license) BEFORE purchasing the parking permit. Parking will not be sold online through the webstore. Once the parking spots are all assigned, no more permits will be issued. A waiting list will be kept in the event that parking assignments open up.


Parking permits are non-refundable & are good for one school year only. Parking spaces and Parking Permits are the property of the MUSD.

Replacement Permits require approval from the ASB Office and will cost an additional $5.00 fee.

Please read and abide by the following rules regarding parking at AHS.

  • All vehicles parked in AHS lots without a permit/hang tag are subject to ticketing and/or towing. Students who continue to park illegally or without a valid parking permit/hang tag may be towed at the owner’s expense and/or face other disciplinary actions. Failure to abide by the parking rules may result in a loss of school privileges. If you lost your hang tag or need a temporary hang tag, you need to get one from the main office immediately.

  • Cars must have a current registration sticker and automobile insurance.

  • All vehicles parked on or adjacent to the school campus are subject to search by the administration or a designee.

  • A student does not have the right to sell or lend his/her permit/parking space to another student. Students who give, sell, or obtain a parking permit for another may face disciplinary action and may lose all parking privileges at AHS.

  • Students must return the parking permit to the office in the event of an early graduation or school transfer.

  • Students must park straight in ONLY in his/her assigned numbered space.

  • If a car is in your spot, please find alternate street parking and report to the front office. 

  • Allow plenty of time to park, you will be responsible for being on time to class. A tardy may be issued.

  • Parking hang tags must be visible in the front of the car. Parking rules will be enforced from 7am to 4:00pm; Monday through Friday.

  • Do not exceed 5 mph when driving in campus lots.

Reminder: Campus parking lots are considered OFF LIMITS during school hours. You may not go to your car until dismissal.

  • Park, lock, and leave your car promptly.

  • Do not loiter in parking areas.

  • Do not return to the parking areas.

  • Do not return to the parking lot during school hours without a pass from the office. Note: Your car is not your locker!

  • Do not allow anyone to smoke, vape, or violate any school rules in your car when parked in the campus lots.

Click here to submit your application.

Student parking permit application form