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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What is 1:1 Computing?

Each student has an Internet enabled computer which is used to enhance their learning.

Why  1:1, why now?

Use of 1:1 computing strategies increase student engagement, support the District focus areas, and prepare students to be college and career ready in the 21st Century.

How will my child be using the computer at school?

Students will be using computers in and out of class to collaborate, research, and prepare finished products to demonstrate their learning.

How much time will my child be spending on the computer at school?

This will vary from day to day and depending on content area/teacher. We anticipate students will use their devices multiple times per week, though there is no formal expectation.

What security measures are in place to make sure the computers are used appropriately?

A filtering system will be in place on district issued computers. This filtering system works both at school and at home and will limit students from accessing inappropriate sites. It should be noted there is no perfect filtering system. Teachers will have software enabling them to monitor student activity while students in are in the classroom.

What if my child forgets to bring the computer to school or the device is broken?

There will be approximately two extra computers issued to teachers for their rooms. Students can borrow these for the class period. If the device is being repaired, students can go to the library and be issued another computer.

What happens if my child’s computer gets damaged?

Each computer will be issued with a padded sleeve. Normal wear is expected, but damage due to negligence or abuse will be repaired at the cost to the student.  The price for the repair will depend on which part of the computer is damaged (i.e. a broken keyboard costs $25 dollars to replace).

What if I can’t afford the repair for a damaged computer?

Computer use is an essential element of our instructional program. Students will be issued a replacement device regardless of ability to pay at that time. This will ensure students do not miss out on instruction.  Students will be expected to pay the cost of the repair by the end of the school year.

How will computers be issued to students?

Computers will be issued at the start of the school-year (dates to follow). There will be a visual check of the computer at the end of the school year. If the computer is in good condition, students can choose to check it out for the summer or return it.

Can students personalize their computer?

Students can purchase “skins” and personalize the skin with stickers, writing, etc., as long as the it remains school appropriate.

How can students get access to the Internet after school?

Alhambra’s school library has Internet access and will be open extended hours for students to stay after school.


What researchers are saying:

Laptops aid students in becoming better writers in general, not just better writers while using laptops.
(Solveranail & Gritter, 2007)

Student engagement increases dramatically with 1:1 computing…Teachers in 1:1 classrooms report significant improvement in student engagement, research, and collaboration
(Bebell & Kay, 2010)

It seems highly likely that some form of 1:1 computing will be the norm for the majority of American classrooms
(Bebell & O’Dwyer, 2010)